Art of Mahadevi

Recent Paintings


"My experience in sitting with the painting of Mahalakshmi was one of inner awakening and the enlivenment of the physiology as the domain of divinity. I looked and felt I was enjoying my own nature and that anything was possible."

—Colorado Businessman

Artist Statement

The paintings on this site explore the relationship between individual awareness and infinite God awareness.

People ask, "Who is Mahadevi? Why is the site called Art of Mahadevi?" Mahadevi is the Great Goddess, the pure expression of Nature's Intelligence.

I love painting the devas, and personal spiritual experiences. I feel it brings me closer to the divine, closer to Mahadevi.

People say there is a powerful healing energy that comes through the paintings. They ask me how I paint this energy. I don’t really know. I attribute it to the goddess, to Mahadevi.

I hope you enjoy these paintings as much as I enjoyed watching them unfold.

Ya devi sarva bhuteshu / Lakshmi rupena samsthita / Namastasyai namastasyai / Namastasyai namo namaha